Sound Bath with Pranayama & Meditation

7.30 – 8.30pm, 7 July
Christ Church Community Centre, South Nutfield

Singing bowls to be used in sound bath

The use of sound as a healing methodology dates back thousands of years. Egyptians, Greeks, Tibetan monks, Indian Yogis, knew of and used the power of the vibrational resonance to ease and relieve mental and physical pain and it is only now that modern science is catching up to support this with studies.

The sacred sound that I use is with crystal quartz bowls which have a pure clean resonance, himalayan metal bowls, one of which was hand hammered under a new moon so took months to create, rainstick, and koshi chimes.

As the vibrations resonate through the body they ease or dissollve energetic build up, blocks, imbalances which can be felt in the body as dis-ease, or physical or mental ill health. The impact can be cumulative over time, sometimes the first experience is uncomfortable but most people find it deeply relaxing and even transcendental.

Combined with pranayama (breathing practices), yoga nidra and meditation this can be a very relaxing and healing experience, a time of cleansing and rebalancing.