Sally Harper

My yoga journey

Sally Harper performing tree pose in forest.I first tried yoga in my early twenties after suffering debilitating migraine since the age of 11. I began initially with a video but then progressed on to classes led by an inspiring teacher who taught me to feel into the posture, to forget ego and to find stillness through breath. Yoga became an anchor for me where I found quiet solace and inner strength

I practiced hatha yoga through both pregnancies finding the breathing exercises particularly helpful during labour and went on to try Iyengar and Vinyasa. My Iyengar teacher became a role model, focussing on the integrity of each asana, the importance of alignment and safety and the creative use of equipment. She was encouraging, precise and inspiring. 

I completed a foundation course with BWY, taught by Jackie Dyson and Cathy-Mae Karelse and went on to qualify as a Yoga Alliance registered 200hrs teacher in 2017. Since then I have trained in Teen Yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga for seniors, Yoga for children and attended many workshops including anatomy, yoga in sport and more.

I am also a doTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocate and use many of the oils in my classes to enhance the experience and support emotional wellbeing.

Over 25 years after my journey began I am still practicing, still learning, still inspired, I love yoga for the stillness it brings to my mind, the strength in my body and the balance in my emotions. I always feel better after practice and love to see students experiencing the same.

My Ethos

My classes are inclusive, welcoming, achievable but with challenging variations for those who want them. I try to make yoga accessible, for everyone and complimentary to the busy lives we all lead. I offer sincere teaching, with a focus on functional alignment, keeping safe and respecting the fundamentals of yoga philosophy. My approach is to share with students the incredible positive impact of yoga and walk with them along the path to realising true self and fulfilment.



I completed a 300 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training course, which gave me the Yoga Alliance 200hr RYT qualification. I also completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course, YogaMoo Children’s Teacher Training, the Teen Yoga Level 3 sports coach training, Yin Yoga Levels 1&2 and many other trainings. I am fully insured, DBS checked and First Aid trained. I also trained in Indian Head Massage and Sound Energy therapy. 

Teachers I have trained with include Sarah Lo, Donna Farhi, Jackie Dyson, Cathy-Mae Karelse, Charli Sparks, Crissy Soanes, Laurence Turner, Lola Lhamo, Natalie Wilhelm and Sarah Ramsden.


What do I love about yoga & teaching

I love to see the impact of yoga on myself and my students. I am forever in awe of the positive benefits it brings to everyone who engages. How the ripple effect of this positivity encourages others to experiment and explore and to move closer towards releasing and realising their true self and true potential. I believe we have everything we need inside of us, we just need to search, find, release and empower – being strong in soul as well as in body. I wish to share all that I know and to walk the same path with others seeking the same self-realisation, shining the torch ahead. I regularly receive uplifting feedback from students of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, where individuals have improved their physical and mental health through yoga. This makes every second worth it.

Sally Harper enjoying nature in autumn

Outside of yoga

When I am not teaching (or practicing!) I am with my family – my lovely husband, two teenage kids, cocker spaniel and brindle cat. I also love to run, mountain bike, walk, travel and go to the theatre. I appreciate beautiful flowers, nature, laughing with friends and family and great music. I love to encourage my whole body and spirit to smile and aim to encourage everyone around me to feel the same.


Growing up

I grew up in East Surrey with my mum and dad and two brothers. My parents were solid role models, working hard, raising three children and experiencing all the highs and lows of a normal family.

My childhood was happy, filled with sunny days in the garden, making camps, flying around on a bicycle and tousling with brothers. I grew up wanting my own family and feel truly blessed to have achieved that. I went to Brighton University and then moved to London until I met my husband and moved to South Nutfield. Here, we had our children and made our home.


How I want to be remembered

Loving, warm, fun, friendly, supportive and loyal. A dedicated mum and wife, a loving daughter, sister & friend, and a sound, authentic, inspirational teacher.