Yoga Nidra & Healing Sound Bath

"Sally's sound baths are the perfect relaxation and reset experience, with multiple different therapeutic sounds throughout, it's one of the best baths I have been to. Sally is a beautiful human; gentle, kind, loving and so so welcoming. She holds a very safe and peaceful space, so, you are able to completely submit yourself to the experience knowing that she is there to guide you through. I felt fully refreshed the next day after a deep and rejuvenating sleep thanks to such deep relaxation from her sound bath. "
"It was absolutely wonderful. Perfect number of people for the space, really beautifully set up and warm/cosy and particularly appreciated the explanation of what we were doing and why so felt instantly relaxed and in safe hands including at the end and the different types of sounds"
"Lovely calming atmosphere when I entered the room. Sally is very welcoming. Lovely sounds. Room lovely and warm"
"I loved it, I immersed myself totally and found the whole experience very satisfying"
"Super relaxing and enjoyable"
"I really loved the yoga nidra and the sound bath…it was really lovely and i felt totally relaxed"
"I loved all of it - relaxing environment, Sally’s soothing voice for yoga nidra and loved the different sounds during the really good sound bath. Loved all the vibrations"