Which class is right for me?

My style of yoga is inclusive, friendly, warm and nurturing. Here you can find a quick guide to which class is suitable for you.


New to yoga

Tuesdays 12.30pm
If you’re looking for a gentle class, prefer a slow pace or you are practicing with injury or health injuries.

Tuesdays 1.45pm
A gentle class, slow pace, you are able to transition from floor to standing easily (sun salutations).


Some experience of yoga

Wednesdays 6.45pm
Looking for challenge, strength, as well as stretches.


Suitable for everyone

Wednesdays 8pm
Calming, relaxing, deep stretch, strength and balance appropriate for a late evening class. Good for beginners.

Fridays 7am
Wanting a quick morning burst to wake up, stretch, smile, open, refresh, energise.

Sundays 5.30pm
Happy to practice from home. All levels. Deep stretch, relaxing, calming, great for athletes.


Experience of yoga

Mondays 6.30pm
Dynamic power yoga where you will sweat!